Donate now and save dogs' lives in Roșiori

With more than 450 stray and abandoned dogs in our care, we desperate need your help! Receiving no funding from the government or from the European Union, we are totally dependent on private donations, fundraising events and adoption fees, to be able to help dogs in need.

Only in the public shelter, HULDA feeds around 400 dogs (and their number increases monthly) with min. 100 kg of dry food and min. 10 kg of wet food. Besides that, we have other 50 dogs at the clinic. The care of all these poor souls also includes medicine, accommodation, vaccinations, spay/neutered, veterinary treatments, microchipping and much more...
Your donation, whichever amount you decide to give, could help provide urgently needed food, vet care, medicine and caretakers for all dogs in our care.

Just with your kind help we are able keep them alive and make their life more bearable.
Thank you!

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Those who want to become a sponsor, please send us a message. (Unfortunately it is not possible for us to assign to each his "own" sponsor dog, please understand this)