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Every day, we feed about 400 stray dogs, who are accommodated in the public shelter in the city 'Rosiorii de Vede'. Depending on various factors, such as the weather, the dog's health, or the their daily form, we need at least 100 kg of dry food and at least 10 kg of can feed every day, to get full all the hungry stomachs of our adult dogs, as well as those of our puppies. In addition, we also provide the dogs who stray through the city, with food and everything else they need and we can give to them. And in our spay / neuter center, which we have received from the city, we have at any time 20 dogs more, which we have to provide daily there.

Please help us to provide our dogs daily with enough food. 
We - the organization HULDA - have taken the responsibility for the supply of the dogs, to save them from euthanasia by the authorities. This is our agreement with the city 'Rosiorii de Vede'. We do not receive any financial assistance from the city.

All dogs in our care are 100% dependent on our and your support.

In addition to the daily feeding, the dogs additionally need medication (deworming, anti flea and tick treatment, wound spray, ointments for the skin, etc.), they must be neutered / sterilized to avoid new animal suffering, they need vaccinations, which protect them from diseases and their accommodations must be constantly rebuilt / renewed.

Please support our work. 
Your support will save the lives of our dogs.

You can order food online from this link, which will be delivered for free and directly to our public shelter, as soon as a certain order quantity has been reached. 
You can also send a financial support, or you can do a monthly sponsorship. With this sponsorship you support our project regularly. Of course, you do not have any duties and can cancel your sponsorship at any time.

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We thank you for helping us to keep our dogs alive and make their living conditions more comfortable. With your help, we can give all our dogs a chance to have a loving home.

Please contact us for further details.