Spay & neuter campaigns in 'Rosiori de Vede'

In Romania there are around 6 million stray dogs.
By the lack of structure in this country and the poverty of the human population, the animals, unfortunately, at a disadvantage.

The city 'Rosiori de Vede' is located in the south of Romania. It has about 28.000 inhabitants and countless stray dogs. Many of them stray through the city. Others - we are talking about approximately 400 dogs - are accommodated in the public shelter located there. Although the number of dogs is enormous and exceeds our financial resources, we have made it our mission to provide all these dogs. Because apart from us, they unfortunately have no one in this city, who would provide them. We supply the dogs with food, water, medicine, veterinary treatments, improve their accommodations, protect them against diseases and carry out castration projects in order to curb the uncontrolled increase of the dogs and thus reduce the suffering of the stray dogs.

In order to achieve the greatest possible success, it is necessary to carry out two different castration projects.
On the one hand, the dogs caught on the streets by the city and taken to the public shelter, must be castrated. On the other hand, the dogs of the citizens must be castrated, in order to expose less abandoned dogs to the streets. The second project is voluntary, because there is no law in Romania requiring the neutering of owners pets.

Because the city catch dogs in a 2-week cycle and still too few citizens use the voluntary (and for them also free) castration project for their own dogs, regularly uncastrated dogs end up in the public shelter, where they multiply uncontrolled. This two points force us to carry out a regular castration project in the public shelter. 

Please help us. Both, the government in Romania and the authorities of the city 'Rosiori de Vede' put the available financial resources in the dirty business of the dogcatchers and also in mass killing of stray dogs, instead of using them for castrations. Therefore, the suffering of the stray dogs lies solely in our hands. Together with you we can break this sad system. We have already managed to stop the mass killing of stray dogs in 'Rosiori de Vede'. Now we need your financial support to create a better future for them. Please help us carry out a regular castration project in the public shelter. We thank you in the name of our proteges.

One castration costs 30,00 €

This comparatively small amount can ensure that in just 4 years more than 1000 dogs are saved from a miserable life, because they are not born at all (calculated on a couple of parents who bring puppies to the world twice a year, of which 2 - 3 survive).

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The castration project for the pets of the citizens 

Beside the castration project in the public shelter, there is, another castration project, as already mentioned above, for the citizens of the city 'Rosiori de Vede'. This comprehensive project is free for the citizens and is financed by the organization "Rescueyhdistys Kulkurit / Rescue Association Hobo Dogs" from Finland. 

On 29th May 2015 this project started and is been carried out monthly (excluding the winter months) in a center in 'Rosiori de Vede', which was made available to us by the authorities of the city. At this point we would like to thank the representatives of the Finnish Embassy in Romania for the presence and promotion of this project, which is the only reasonable solution for the protection of animals and people in the city 'Rosiorii de Vede', as well as in whole Romania.

The residents of the city can bring their dogs and their cats to the castration center and receive there a charity package. This includes the free castration / sterilization, as well as the implantation of a microchip, as well as the receipt of a vital vaccination and a issued animal passport. All castrations / sterilizations are carried out by Dr. Aurelian Stefan and his team of veterinarians, in cooperation with the Romanian organization "RAR" and the Finnish organization "Rescueyhdistys Kulkurit / Rescue Association Hobo Dogs", in written agreement with the organization HULDA. Depending on the demand of the citizens and the available donations, there is even the possibility of carrying out this project two times a month.

In the Romanian public shelters, 75% of the dogs are still killed, thus creating space for new dogs. We could stop this cruel process in the city 'Rosiori de Vede'. The more important it is now, to castrate as many dogs as possible. In the public shelters, as well as on the streets of Romania, 90% of dogs were abandoned by their owners (or their descendants), often even mixed breed dogs. It is sad that most people in this country still do not want to conceive that for any puppy they sell or abandon, another dog will die on the street or in one of the public shelters, instead of giving this one the chance of adoption and a life worth living.

At this point, we would like to thank following people for the good cooperation and their support:

We would like to thank the Finnish organization "Rescue Association Hobo Dogs" for accepting us into their romanian spay / neuter project and our wonderful collaboration, which exist for over 3 years. We also thank the German organization "Fellnasen-Nothilfe e.V." for their great supprt, wonderful collaboration and also our close friendship that exist for over 2 years. Additional we want to all our friends and supporters from Germany, England, Finland, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland. We thank all the people who help our community to fulfill the needs of our dogs. Thank you for your time, your trust, your loyalty and financial support, with which you make our project possible.