Project: Renovation of the public shelter in Roșiorii de Vede

We are currently raising funds to renovate old kennels / isolation kennls / dog houses.
Also we want to:

  • replace broken fence inside and outside of the shelter (now the shelter is enclosed by a broken fence allowing cows and other animals to come easily inside)
  • double the walls of kennels
  • completion of two improvised pups pens
  • improvise a roof for the chain dogs to protect them from the sun and rain on an area of approximately 100 square meters in length (we were forced because of the large number of dogs captured by the authorities to move parts of dogs from kennels into chain as pens become overcrowded, because there were no isolated kennel or any place and dogs risk to kill each other or are to senstive to resist in same kennel with the other dogs)
  • order tooling (welding machine, mortar mixer, percutaneous, pipe cutting machine).

All these will make the life of the public shelter dogs much more safe and a bit more comfortable.

Every cent counts !! Please consider making a donation to this project today!
The dogs in the public shelter are in our care for 100%. Thank you ♡

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In the last 3 years we have completely changed the public shelter.
This includes:

  • Transformation of the small kennel into big pens
  • Tripling the number of existing pens / kennels forced by the authority to avoid overcrowding and to allow the new captured dogs to come inside, without putting the already existent dogs to sleep, to make place for the new ones
  • Pouring cement in all kennels
  • Replacing worn and damaged chain link fence panels and indoor / outdoor doors
  • Entering the lighting in almost all kennels
  • Creating solid barriers between kennels
  • Repairing and repainting walls
  • Draping the shelter in polycarbonate panels to protect from snow and rain
  • Make 2 kennels for pups and another 2 improvized for pups
  • Put roofs on all existing kennels
  • Creating a food and medicine storage room

We are also raising funds to make fence at the spay / neutre center house to secure and avoid the problems with the neighbors.

Finally, we are planning to purchase a cheap caravan and / or a container to be used as an insulator for urgent emergency cases.

Your donation will make the life easier for all those >450 dogs currenly catched in the Public Shelter! Many Thanks!