Doghouses for our dogs in the public shelter

Update December 28th:
Thanks to your great support! We could give 13 doghouses in order. A great result. We thank you on behalf of our dogs ♡
The doghouses will be built and as soon as possible supplied to our shelter free of charge by "Starromania". At this point also, a big thank you to "Starromania" for the support and free delivery ♡

Update 10th December: so far, we have collected the amount for 4.5 doghouses. Can we collect for a few more?

The doghouses have a very big significance for our dogs in the shelter. We can probably just hardly appreciate how much the doghouses mean to them...
As soon as the dogs on the streets are captured and brought to the public shelter, their freedom and independence are taken away from them. Suddenly they are closed up on a few square meters and need to arrange with many other dogs there. There is a constant stress and loud noise, many dogs are nervous and scared, some of them start to figh for space or food, others hide themselves fearful in the corners and in between the dogcatchers are going around constantly.
The situation is extremely difficult for the dogs. They have nearly nothing they can keep and there is no way of escape. The doghouses are their only place of retreat. The dogs feel protection and peace in them. Especially the shy and traumatized dogs like to hide into the doghouses. They should necessarily have this possibility, because we do not want that they must suffer even more than they already do...
Some of the old doghouses must urgently be replaced, because they are used for a long time. We even had to discard some. And in the large enclosures, doghouses have unfortunately become scarce.
Please supports this project, so that we can return a piece of quality of life to our dogs at the shelter ♡

The doghouses at the shelter are used daily and of course they also get worn. For the dogs, the doghouses there are an important part. For them they are a place of retreat and peace. They can hide into the doghouses, sleep Insider of them and be protected against weather conditions. From our hearts we would like to order a few new dpghouses for our dogs. We need your support ♡

A large doghouse with two inputs (optimal for our dogs in the public shelter) costs €120,00
Of course we also like to share this sum, ean on 4 persons / per cottage (€30,00 per person).
It would be nice, if we would get a few doghouses together. "Starromania" will deliver the doghouses free of charge to our public shelter ♡

VWZ: "Doghouses"
Account for donations: "APPA Hulda"
IBAN: RO13 CECE TR02 C1EU R055 9348
Bank name: CEC Bank
Address: Rosiori de Vede, Romania
PayPal: [email protected]

Our dogs in Rosiori de Vede thank you ♡

Note: for dog houses made of plastic we have applied already. We are on the waiting list.