Our dogs in the public shelter need urgent new kennels. In collaboration with you and star Romania we would meet like this desire our dogs ♡Read more

Kinder sind unsere Zukunft ♡
Erreichen wir ihre Herzen und bewegen sie zum umdenken, so formen wir eine bessere Zukunft für unsere Hunde in 'Rosiori de Vede'.Read more

Hallo liebe Freunde und Unterstützer von HULDA ♡

Update Mai 2017:
Es sind noch ein paar Kalender vorhanden. Auch wenn die Hälfte des Jahres 2017 bald schon vorbei ist, so könnt ihr trotzdem noch eure Wände mit unserem Kalender schmücken und zeitglich unseren Hunde in Rosiori mit einer Spende etwas Gutes tut.

Bitte seid so ...Read more

We launched this project in April 2016, in order to perform the much-needed renovation of the public shelter. We hope for your active support to help us transformming this shelter in a saftier place and make the accommodation for the dogs more comfortable ♡Read more

The town is full from stray dogs. So many amazing dogs and almost no one cares about their welfare ... Most of the dogs do approach to the humans and then wait patiently, if maybe one or two eatable chunk fall on the ground.

Many of them have not eaten for days, ...Read more

Unfortunately, there are many places in this world, where people like Cornelia can not enjoy their own life, because they suffer with the animals in their area, which must fight daily for their lifes.

Roșiorii de Vede is one of these places. A town where most people live below the poverty line. ...Read more

Because Romanian Competent Authority didn't develop and implement appropriate legislation and training to regulate these activities,
We request that you ban all catch activity of the dogs in Romania and make it illegal because:

  • EU laws are being breached
  • Inhumane handling
  • Poor or lack of training for staff
  • Inadequate equipment
  • Badly
  • ...Read more

Adoptions are the most important part of our rescue. Every day there are dogs in desperate need, on the streets or in the local public shelter. Without people willing to open their hearts and homes to adopt these dogs, these homeless dogs will never have a normal life and they will probably die!

Unfortunately, we don't have ...Read more

Every day, we feed about 400 stray dogs , who are accommodated in the public shelter in the city 'Rosiorii de Vede'. Depending on various factors, such as the weather, the dog's health, or the their daily form, we need at least 100 kg of dry food and at least 10 kg ...Read more

With more than 450 stray and abandoned dogs in our care, we desperate need your help! Receiving no funding from the government or from the European Union, we are totally dependent on private donations, fundraising events and adoption fees, to be able to help dogs in need.

Only in the public shelter, HULDA feeds around 400 ...Read more